Thursday, May 10, 2007

Edwards, Obama Being Screwed By the CBC.

I like the Congressional Black Caucus. They are a group of mostly true progressives. However, sometimes they make me want to scream.

Like when they push on Nancy Pelosi to give William Jefferson a seat on the Homeland Security Committee. Bad idea. Jefferson is a cancer to our party. Now I want to scream because they are putting our leading Presidential candidates in a bind for all of them.

Former Senator John Edwards decided to take a stand against Faux News. I felt it would look like pandering, but as it turns out, and as I'm seeing it now, Edwards is right to have said no. I believe firmly that Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton want to say no as well. They ALL should. Faux is as biased as humanly possible, and yet somehow is considered to be media.

So now that the Nevada Democratic Party is getting buried in the netroots, and Edwards is out of their debate on FOX, the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) announces that they are considering offers from CNN and FOX News to cover their Presidential Debates, Debates which will be critical to the nomination. African-Americans hold a considerable amount of clout in the Democratic primary process.

So now what will Edwards do? If Obama allows himself to be subject to Faux's abuse (he has received the nastiest coverage from them), then it will be tougher for Edwards to do so. If they both pull out, Clinton will be forced out as well. This is an ugly situation, and I implore the CBC to pick CNN.

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