Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Thinking Thru the Thoughts of the Time at the Online Think Tank

All Think Tanks must believe of things to Think About and so each and mundane the Online Think Tank sees assorted concepts, original thoughts and ideas to believe about. Mostly, to work out problems, device better systems or make new inventions, but sometimes they seek to calculate out replies to local jobs or programs to change the harmful personal effects of additive decision-making. For case below are listed the ideas of the twenty-four hours at the Online Think Tank to give you an thought of what I am talking about and to spur thought in your ain head as well:

1. Get Quit of Time Clocks Using Cell Telephone Digital Camera Features

In most companies when the employee come ups to work, they travel to the clip clock and poke in. The clip clock is usually in a room that is far from their existent business office or workspace. This is debatable because it loses efficiency and time. This process could be changed to advance efficiency using a modern cell-phone - Why not when the employee came to work, have got them go through through the presence door where there would be a new sign, that would be changed each day.

The employee could take a image of that mark with their cell phone, which would place it is them and it would direct that to the human resource department's computing machine and mark them in. The image would have got to fit otherwise obviously they were not there that day. Kind of like taking a image with a Newspaper in manus to verify the date.

2. Are We Running Out of Rogue Nations to Conquer?

We dwell in a unkind world, and unfortunately every decennary or so, the United States Army must demo a mark of forced. Otherwise, the wicked empires of the human race will believe we are pushovers and take advantage of us. It looks that the international terrorists and the nation-states, which patronize them through placeholder have got got got forgotten, but if we are to have a show of military unit every 10 years, that agency we necessitate a knave state to attack.

Currently there are only a few knave states such as as; Venezuela, North Korea, Syria, and Iran, but since these states will no longer be knave as they will either have made smart dialogues for peace, stopped their intentional support of international terrorist groupings or their leadership will be thrown out of powerfulness by their ain people. This volition leave of absence fewer states to utilize as illustrations to maintain all states in line with how the human race anticipates states to behave. Without being able to demo for us, what will maintain the hereafter states in line?

3. Outsource Offshore United States Prisons for Illegal Foreigner Criminals - Brand Work Camps to Pay Costs.

In Grand Canyon State 65% of the inmates are illegal foreigners in this costs a immense amount of money. Each illegal foreigner in jailhouse for a violent law-breaking costs $35,000 per twelvemonth and it is estimated that the state of Grand Canyon State can stand up every graduating senior from high school to the University of Grand Canyon State for the same amount of money currently being spent to house these illegal aliens. Perhaps we should have got offshore prison house encampments run by private industry in topographic points like Tierra del Fuego. If person flights from the prison, they would have got to walk nearly 8,000 statute miles to acquire back home.

These prison house houses could be run by corporations, which would utilize the labour for manufacturing to countervail the costs of the prison. This is one thought that person in our think army tank came up with, and it would work they say. It would liberate the state and the federal authorities from billions of dollars measure spent on putting illegal foreigners in prison, who are not even supposed to be in the United States in the first place.

4. Bash United States Asiatic Families Military Unit Their Kids into Fake Survey Perspiration Shops?

Why make Asiatic children outperform their opposite numbers in our school educational system? It is because the parents and households demand excellence in instruction as it is portion of their culture. However, some pedagogues believe that the Asiatic households are forcing their children to work too difficult to make their studying, and they are not able to turn up and have got a normal childhood life. Could this be considered kindred to allowing their children to work all twenty-four hours in sweatshops? At least one individual believes so and mentions 10 illustrations of children who are locked in their room each twenty-four hours to make homework. What make you believe about that comment? It is of concern.

5. True Free Markets Bring Poor People Up Much Faster than Re-distribution of Wealth Strategies.

In many Communist states or even socialistic states it is believed that by helping the mediocre people in redistributing the wealthiness from the rich, that the society will be just for all concerned. However, in reality, it have been shown that true free marketplaces convey people up much faster than in socialistic countries, which redistribute the wealth. Additionally, although there are no true free markets, because they have got never actually existed; the more than free the markets, the better the population will make as a whole. You only necessitate to turn up the United States of America's center social class to see, this is true. Still, there are those that disregard these thoughts and are doomed to reiterate the follies of all of the collapsed socialistic and Communist states that have got ever been created in past periods.

6. There Seems to Be a Big Disagreement on How Much Water It Takes to Turn Our Own Fuel -Ethanol.

There are many jobs with growing our ain combustible through Ethanol. One of the greatest ailments is the immense amount of corporate social welfare that travels into the agricultural industry to prop up up the growth of maize for ethanol. Additionally, maize is not the best stuff to do ethanol. Despite all these complaints, there is a larger dissension and job and that is the amount of H2O needed to turn the harvests to do the fuel.

The refinement procedure takes between eight and 10 gals of H2O to do 1 gallon of ethanol. This of course of study is on top of the amount of H2O it takes to turn the harvest in the first place; thus, we see a immense amount of H2O usage, and in modern times of drought, there may not be enough. Then we have got to pay the nutrient we necessitate against the combustible we necessitate to run our civilization, who will acquire the water?

Eating is a higher precedence than transportation, but even the nutrient have to acquire to marketplace and will necessitate fuel. You can see the large problem. Many ethyl alcohol manufacturers state it makes not take that much H2O to turn maize that have genetically modified seeds, which utilize less water, still the refinement procedure takes quite a spot of water. In that H2O have to come up from somewhere.

7. Should We Reap More Rain in Drought Stricken Areas?

The state of New United Mexican States lets people to accumulate H2O running off of their rooftops, but any other H2O running off of imperviable come ups on the ground, that H2O belongs to the state of New Mexico, and must be allowed to travel into the violent storm drain, which will if eventually travel into watercourses and rivers. The H2O in the river assists wildlife in when there is a terrible drought, the wildlife have got no H2O in the river in there for the wildlife come up ups into the metropolis and will acquire either tally over on a main road or cause a nuisance for humans.

The state of New United Mexican States makes not desire the desert species to run out of H2O and have to come into the city. But H2O that lands on your rooftop can be collected and used to H2O your garden, wash your auto or H2O your lawn. This do good sense, but what about the H2O on your driveway, is on your property, why can't you accumulate it? Fundamentally, this statement may sound ridiculous, but after a decennary of droughts in serious H2O issues. Person civilisations are pitted against other species that unrecorded down river.

In many places, H2O that come ups from rainfall is collected into H2O keeping basins, unfortunately, in many cases, the H2O evaporates during the hot summertime calendar months before he can be used in therefore is wasted. In many parts of Centennial State and New Mexico, the vaporization rates are very large. In Nevada's Lake Mead, the amount of H2O vaporization is so immense that some privation to set a screen over the full lake, which really isn't feasible.

8. Questionable Use of Environmental Regulations in China.

The human race have been getting after People'S Republic Of People'S Republic Of China to increase their environmental ordinances and killing some of the rivers and contaminated waterways within their country. Since the 2008 Olympic Games will be in People'S Republic Of China many people will travel and expression to see if the environmental controls have got been set in topographic point - is the H2O in the rivers clean? People'S Republic Of China states it have closed 400 factories, owed to polluting of waterways. They have got also fined 762 other companies.

One planetary economic expert said that People'S Republic Of China was shutting down companies with immense foreign working capital involvements that had a interest in these companies - not because they were polluting. Are People'S Republic Of China using the world's environmental concerns against foreign invested working capital by lone shutting down those companies that are not owned by the state or that have got got a high interest of foreign investment?

Will these environmental pollution ordinances which have already generated 97 million dollars in mulcts actually make clean up the Yellow and Chang Jiang Rivers? Are they killing two birds with one stone, removing foreign owned companies and cleansing the rivers or are they really doing nil to repair the pollution and only pretending, while effectively Nationalizing some companies and eliminating competition? See it, because these issues are very real.

9. Volition People'S Republic Of People'S Republic Of China Become a Cognition Based Economy and Out Introduce the World?

Many states believe that they will go the pioneers of the human race in the knowledge-based economies, while China will bring forth and industry everything that they design. This is a false belief because People'S Republic Of China bes after to go an invention economy. While some people laughter at that scenario, because presently People'S Republic Of People'S Republic Of People'S Republic Of China is stealing everyone else's technology, China sees it differently.

China's cardinal contrivers are smart. They are slowly trying to decelerate the charge per unit of growing of new mills in soiled industries and move towards more than clean industries. This should not surprise anyone because this is what the remainder of the human race is also trying to make in People'S Republic Of China is merely copying what works, as they copy everything anyway. People'S Republic Of China desires our air power industry, computing machine industry, biotech industry, automotive industry, software system industry, IT industry, NanoTech, space industry, military arms industry, and that is to just name a few. They be after on designing, innovating and manufacturing and anyone that believes they are incapable is lying to themselves, as they are well on their manner now.

For industrialised states like Canada, Germany, UK, the United States, Japan, and most of the europium to believe that they will be the interior designers of new engineerings in People'S Republic Of China will be the topographic point to bring forth them and industry them is bluish sky thought and simply hideous forward-looking statements; it ain't going to happen. CNN reported People'S Republic Of China as saying:

The bet are extremely high," states Local Area Network Xue, caput of the Institute of Science and Technology Policy at Beijing's Tsinghua University. "The environmental costs make it impossible to travel on growing like this; we have got to transform growing so it is based on engineering and innovation.The OECD have made many mistakes in judgment, and many other studies that claim that People'S Republic Of China is going to be the world's maker allowing other states to do all the thought and creating are silly. The Chinese have got got more than than applied men of science and scientists with Ph.D.s since 2003 than the United States [Scientific American September 2007], which have published more research and scientific document than all but the US, Germany, United Kingdom and Japan. [BBC Article September 10, 2007]

The spread is growing more than each twelvemonth and People'S Republic Of People'S Republic Of China is leaving other nation's Cognition Based Societies in the dust, plus see all the 6000 Chinese undercover agents stealing American engineering in our state [GAO Report on Technology Spying] . China states it desires to be an "innovation oriented society by 2020," you can see they believe long-term, and you can wager that they will excel the United States gross domestic product by 2018 or 2020. [The Economist August 2007].

10. Would an Unwritten Fundamental Law Be Better?

Interesting remark on an unwritten constitution, as it would not ever have got to be interpreted literally in the hereafter after things alteration so drastically. One person who recently asked to fall in our Online Think Tank suggested this. Bashes it do sense? Well, it is known that many societies and civilisations have got performed wonderfully without written Constitutions. Many in the United States make not understand how that could be, but it is so. There certainly wouldn't be jobs with the changing of societies in future time periods would there.

Many cringe at the thought, however all this messiness with legislation from the bench in a manner is changing the words of our Fundamental Law and perhaps an ascent is needed as well or an easy to recite spoken Fundamental Law that is simple and covers the rudiments might be worthy of note? Just a thought, retrieve this is a Think Tank and we see all, even if it makes look somewhat implausible at the present.

Well, there are 10 of the points we considered today, there are 33 in all today, yesterday we had 27 and the twenty-four hours before 40 points to discuss. What will we discourse tomorrow, well we shall wait and see. Sincerely, Lance.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Weird Impotence Tales

Impotence is not only an awkward status but it assails the very psyche of man. Depression, anxiety, fear, and heartache are but a few of the emotions associated with impotence. When work force are threatened by this status and the load of losing their manhood and virility goes too heavy to bear, victims often hit out in lurid and unforgettable ways.

Take the lawsuit for case of Hans Peterson, a 29-year-old man agony from acne. When his skin doctor Dr. Saint David Cornbleet prescribed Accutane for his condition, Peterson mistakenly assumed that the drug had made him impotent. Disheartened by his condition, Peterson lashed back at his doctor, stabbing the latter to death.

"The law enforcement beginning said grounds golf course Peterson to the crime, saying blood in Cornbleet's office, where he was killed, matched deoxyribonucleic acid from a coffin nail establish at Peterson's New House Of York apartment," according to the Daily Mail.

In Turkey, a 52-year-old man despairing to stop his powerlessness sacrificed three donkeys in the name of "science." Agence France-Presse reported that Mehmet Esirgen brought place a donkey three times, chopped off the animals' sexual organs, and searched vainly for a physician who would give him a phallus transplant. This irritated his household and his angry boy shot Esirgen in the leg!

Impotence not only impacts the individual agony from it; its negative personal effects can also be a load to others. A good illustration is German husbandman Anti-Racketeering Law Gabel who sought one thousands of dollars in amends from three people whom he blamed for making his prized Struthio camelus impotent!

Gabel alleged that the noisy bangers caused his Struthio camelus Gustav to lose involvement in sex. He demanded over $6,000 in amends for the teenagers' antics.

"The husbandman claimed that pyrotechnics put off by the male children made the previously lubricious Gustav apathetic and depressed, and thus not able to execute for one-half a twelvemonth with his two genteelness partners. Before Gustav regained his sexual activity drive, the husbandman estimated he lost out on 14 Struthio camelus offspring, deserving $470 each," said the Associated Press (AP).

However, an Struthio camelus expert establish no connexion between the bangers and Gustav's behavior. The expert, Christoph Kistner, said while the noise could do stress, it had no consequence whatsoever on Gustav's sperm cell count. The male children were told to pay only $188 in veterinarian fees.

Sometimes when you least anticipate it, you can falter upon an powerlessness remedy not mentioned in medical journals. This is what happened to a 29-year-old New Yorker who supposedly experienced a rock-hard erection that wouldn't subside after imbibing a vitamin-enriched cocoa drink.

"The lawsuit filed by Saint Christopher Forest of New House Of York said he bought the nutrition drink made by the pharmaceutical company Novartis silver at a apothecary's shop and drank it. Woods' tribunal document state he woke up the adjacent morning time 'with an hard-on that would not subside' and sought treatment that twenty-four hours for the condition, called terrible priapism," AP said. To this day, it is not known what have go of this eccentric case.

If you are troubled by impotence, there are many ways to cover with the job without becoming a portion of this eldritch world. One safe and natural manner is Erectasil, a popular male sweetening pick that volition aid you lift to the occasion. Check out http://erectasil.com for details.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Owen Wilson - Suicide, Depression & Anti-Depressants

As a curate and life intent manager dealing intimately with people and their interior issues, I've seen and heard a lot. Most importantly, I've experienced self-destructive inclinations and depression in my ain life. At the age of 12 old age old, I was so suffering and demoralised life with my step-mom far out in the state away from all my friends, I also contemplated killing myself.

Later as an grownup when after 5 old age of marriage, my ex-wife told me she had been having an matter and cheating on me, I experienced my ain land zero. Processing my hurting and turning the messiness into a message by manner of a book that equally wrote me, I learned how to engineer a Discovery for a Broken Heart.

Based on what I've read about Owen, a fantastic psyche whom the human race loves, here are my dear recommendations.

1. Get off the anti-depressants. These drugs, as the British Checkup Diary surveys have got shown, dual the likeliness of attempted suicide. Unrest, utmost agitation, turmoil, and homicide have got been linked to these drugs.

- The Vermont Technical School slayer Cho Seung Hui was taking anti-psychotic meds when he murdered 32 people.

- A 15-year-old Kip Kinkel on fluoxetine killed his ain parents and opened fire on pupils at school.

- 18-year-old Eric Townsend Harris was on the antidepressant drug Luvox when he and his spouse Bob Dylan Klebold killed 12 schoolmates and a instructor before taking his ain life. The medical examiner confirmed that the antidepressant drug was in his system through toxicology (April 20, 1999 - Columbine, CO).

- 15-year-old T.J. Solomon was being treated with a premix of antidepressant drugs when he opened fire on and hurt six of his schoolmates (May 20, 1999).

The Food and Drug Administration and the drug companies support it necessitate to be punished for punitory amends for dolling out these destructive drugs to down individuals. These drugs only perpetuate and decline the problem, while profiting the pharmaceutical companies and FDA.

Find other ways to decide interior issues, rather than becoming self-destructive or being turned into a psychotic killer.

Owen is such as a loveable guy. Who knows? Maybe these anti-depressants made him angry and even desire to harm Kate the physical object of his love--which he may have got tried to kill himself to avoid doing. The negative personal effects of head and temper altering drugs torture even the sincerest of psyches into insanity.

2. Find interior balance and harmoniousness with your past and present.

Owen's hard-and-fast upbringing throughout his childhood caused him to a spot compliant, perhaps resentfully so. As an grownup Robert Owen broke out and sought to show his freedom, but in so doing developed a dark side becoming to some "the ultimate bad boy" and womanizer. Robert Owen always said to himself he'd be married by 30-years-of-age and starting his family. His bad male child years however have got got the best of him and drawn-out longer than he expected. Now Robert Owen must go congruent, nail his passion, and fighting for his focus. As Owen's personal identity come ups back into alliance with his true interior desires, his fate will get to blossom and be joyfully realized.

3. Ascent your friendly relationships pursuant to your desirable future.

Show me your friends and I will demo you your future. Bad company corrupts good ethical motive and communicating (1 Corinthians 15:33). From the flood of the bosom come ups the words of the mouth. Detect a soiled domestic dog by the devilish duologue legal proceeding from their lips. Owen's got a fantastic household who loves him, a dear friend in Woody Harrelson, and (according to Courtney Love) a unsafe beginning of enticement in chap drug user Steve Coogan.

Jesus loves everybody unconditionally, but on Earth He never spent a great trade of clip being negatively influenced by people who weren't going anywhere with their lives. Robert Owen can be an eagle, chicken, or a buzzard. Misery certainly loves company, but birds of Jove cognize how to wing and state bye.

4. Cultivate good behaviour which predate and give birth to good feelings.

Everybody desires to experience good, but for some ground we bury that self-esteem must be developed by ground of our mundane lives. Your day-to-day modus operandi uncovers the true you. Owen's a great actor, but inside he's aware of his devils and combats with which he battles.

I'm not throwing rocks here, but merely taking a world check. Robert Owen got involved with Kate while she was still legally married to her vocalist hubby Chris Robinson. Robert Owen later got a taste sensation of his ain medical specialty when Kate broke his bosom in like manner when she got involved with Dax Shepard. What come ups around travels around. Truly we make eventually harvest what we sow. If person sinfulnesses with you, they shall surely eventually sinfulness against you. Robert Owen therefore should mind of getting involved with married women and prosecute healthy human relationships in pureness so as to guarantee longevity.

5. Live and love fearlessly.

Owen's professional chases have got handsomely paid off for him making him a film star. To do it in Film Industry you have got to stomach a batch of rejection in the beginning. Love and human relationships necessitates no less vulnerability, transparency, and honesty. Owen's fearfulness of failure have seemingly repeatedly sabotaged his human relationships and left him wanting in the end. It's clock Robert Owen goes certain and committed to what he desires in life and takes any distractions detouring him from dreaming fulfillment.

Women desire stability, security, and tranquility. Robert Owen must find what he desires and do some grownup picks based on what he values most--hanging with the bad male children or establishing a loving and meaningful relationship. Robert Owen must do some gutsy determinations and forfeits to acquire what he really desires in life.

6. Connect with the Godhead and experience a new beginning.

Owen have popped into a couple Christian churches seeking God's touching and intercession in his life. As Robert Robert Owen fourth estates past his flesh and gets feeding his spirit within, this adult male will be mightily strengthened to transcend every restriction and originate a new man. Supreme Being Godhead can transform Owen in the twinkling of an oculus and pass over every rupture from his eye. As Robert Owen pours His bosom out to Supreme Being and befriends His Creator, there is nil he cannot suppress and accomplish. The Father in Heaven will freely forgive Owen, give him another chance, and take him on an adventurous Godhead romance.

7. Seek a new Negro spiritual moral force and anticipate the miraculous to flux forth.

Owen went to his place in Maui, Aloha State desiring an intercession and pursuing a personal breakthrough. Seemingly nil came through. I however believe Supreme Being is getting ready to move! My dear friend and chap curate who also travels in the miraculous, Rich Vera lives and curates in Maui Island (residing in Kehei). A MTV world show surfboarder recently visited Rich during one of his meetings and was mightily touched by Supreme Being and transformed. I am expecting the same for Owen.

Beyond dead religion, Robert Robert Owen necessitates to link with the Godhead of heaven. Therein he shall happen love and newness of life, which shall promptly set an end to the interior restlessness and strife.

My prayers, love, and support is with Robert Owen Harriet Wilson and his family.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Conflict of Interest Between Drug Companies and Doctors

Pills, pills and more than pills:

We are fortunate to dwell in a clip having medicines that relieve uncomfortable, even life threatening symptoms of physical and mental dis-ease. Yet, traditional medical specialty in the developed states go on to utilize only two primary methods to handle patients complaints; medication, generally in the word form of pills, and surgery. When you see your physician and have got got a symptom, you acquire a pill, a 2nd symptom, another pill, a 3rd symptom still another pill with small respect for the drug interactions, neutralisation of the efficaciousness or increased personal effects that one drug may have on another.

Take a adult female in her 1960s who have high blood pressure, headaches, and fatigue and is overweight. She will be given a pill to take down her blood pressure, another to modulate her cholesterol, another to increase her energy and yet another for her headaches, possibly another to modulate her weight. Five medications. She may acquire short-term relief but confronts possible long-term ramifications, including possible life threatening side personal effects and complications.

Where and how make docs make up one's mind what drugs to prescribe? From drug company representatives of course. They stalk business offices of doctors offering payoffs in the word form of candy for the business office staff for "just a minute to speak to the doctor," to free samples, inscribed pens, to munificent gifts including precious tickets to college and professional athletics games, trips and dinners in fancy restaurants. In fact a humongous 30 % of the selling budgets of pharmaceutical companies is used to "educate " doctors and enticement them into authorship prescriptions for their up-to-the-minute streamer drug. Other obvious methods of drug usage seduction are telecasting and black and white mass media advertisements to promote people to bespeak a specific medicine from their doctors.

This is blazing struggle of interest.

I have got personally been prescribed Vioxx, Permex, Advandia and female internal secretions when generic and /or cheaper options were/are available. I am 74 old age old and I have got Type 11 diabetes with a household history of bosom disease, yet the Federal Soldier Drug Administration (FDA) either warned or removed all of these drugs from the marketplace owed to the danger of causing bosom onslaughts and strokes. What was my physician thought of when he set me on these drugs? Or was his determination motivated by propaganda by some drug salesman?

These designer, non-generic drugs are very expensive for both the Medicare Advantage programme (ultimately the tax-payer), my coverage company, and for me with an expensive co-pay, when they paid at all. I dwell on a fixed income and paying of expensive drugs makes a fiscal adversity for me. Additionally they set me in life threatening danger of an early death.

The Food and Drug Administration as the alleged guard dog on drug safety is not doing its job. They are just another presence for unscrupulous drug companies who value net income more than developing drugs that tin save lives. They claim to be understaffed.

Take Advandia for example, it is prescribed to over 1 million Americans for treatment of Type 11 Diabetes. In an analysis by Steven Nisson, M.D. of the Cleveland Clinic and former president of the American College of Cardiology reported in the New England Diary of Medicine on May 21, 2007 that his analysis of 42 clinical trials propose that the drug could do a 43% addition in bosom onslaught risk. Yet docs go on to order it for their patients.

Drugs are often tested by pharmaceutical companies on 25-year-old medical pupils who are paid to be guinea pigs, and then after approved by the Food and Drug Administration prescribed for 65-year-old woman or 75-year- old adult male who have got got different organic structure weights, blood pressures, and other medical problems.

The drug examiners have a batch to lose by coverage any side effects, namely that they may be excluded from the current diagnostic test or future diagnostic tests and thus lose the money they are paid. So even when they undergo side personal effects they don't describe them. Even so–called duplicate unsighted surveys have got jobs in credibleness for the grounds outlined above. United States Congress must be more than pro-active in: Overseeing the function of the FDA, regulating the struggle of involvement between drug companies and physicians, terms controls.

This is a serious issue for United States and must be addressed immediately.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Fun Facts on Fish

Do fish sleep?

Yes and no. Most fish make not have got eyelids, so technically they cannot stopping point their eyes to sleep. They make however remainder in different ways: many eat and swim during the twenty-four hours and stay inactive at night, while some are always semi-resting (daydreaming) as they virtually pass their whole lives motionless.

Do fish wee?

Yes! Similar to humans, fish have got an internal organ called kidney to assist filter the nitrogenous waste material in the blood, to be passed out as urine. Some of the piss is also diffused through the gills.

Fish's kidney have an other function: to regular the amount of H2O in its body. In nature, H2O be givens to flux from a less salty environment to a more than salty 1 in a procedure called Osmosis. Since a fish's organic structure is less salty than salt water, its organic structure be givens to lose H2O to the milieu through Osmosis. The fish's kidney have to work difficult to go back as much H2O to the organic structure as possible. On the other hand, freshwater fish's organic structure is more than salty than the milieu and it be givens to absorb too much water. Its kidney have got got to pump out as much H2O as possible.

Isn't it interesting that seawater fish wee little, while freshwater fish wee a lot?

Fish don't have ears, right?

Fish actually have ears (ear-holes) inch their heads, but they make not work very well. Instead, they "hear" from a line of sensitive receptors located on both sides of the body. Fish are able to observe H2O current and quiver in the surroundings, including the movement of fish and other animals nearby.

By the way, most fish have got very good sense organ and their eye-sight is as good as humans.

How can a fish stay in H2O (instead of floating like us)?

Unlike human beings, fish's organic structure tissue is actually denser than water, so fish don't (and can't) float like us. However, their organic structures have got to make something to avoid the antonym -- sinking into the deep waters! This is achieved by an alone organ called swim bladder, which incorporates gas and modulate its degree such as that the denseness of the overall fish is similar to the denseness of water. Therefore, if the swim vesica makes not work properly, the fish cannot swim, may lose its balance and even turn upside down.

Can fish swim backwards?

Most can't, because their flipper are not designed to "paddle" backwards. Exception includes fishes in the eel family.

Why and how make sea squab blow up themselves?

When in water, sea squab (also called blowfish fish and balloon fish) can quickly blow up by pumping H2O into particular sacs. When taken out of water, the pouches are filled with air instead, which make the fish looking like a balloon.

The sea squab don't make this for fun; it is entirely for defense. The attacker, seeing a suddenly "blown up" fish, usually hesitates for a few seconds, giving the sea squab a opportunity to acquire away. Some sea squab can bring forth powerful poisonous substance (neurotoxin) in their internal variety meat and skin, making it unpleasant or even deadly for their attackers. These particular types of sea squab have got bright colours as a warning to the predators.

Did you know…

The meat of sea squab is considered a highly-regarded delicacy in Japan, because of the taste sensation and the fact that the fish is toxicant (it's food only for the brave!). If the meat is not prepared properly (for example, poisonous substance from the internal variety meat is spilled over), the poisonous substance may do numbness in lips and tongues, vomiting, comatoseness or even decease from musculus paralysis.

However, smart people have got set the poisonous substance in good use: a drug (Tectin) developed from this poisonous substance is used as a powerful hurting stand-in for quite a few malignant neoplastic disease patients.

So adjacent time, in improver to showing off your catch, retrieve to boast out your cognition on fish as well!