Friday, September 14, 2007

Weird Impotence Tales

Impotence is not only an awkward status but it assails the very psyche of man. Depression, anxiety, fear, and heartache are but a few of the emotions associated with impotence. When work force are threatened by this status and the load of losing their manhood and virility goes too heavy to bear, victims often hit out in lurid and unforgettable ways.

Take the lawsuit for case of Hans Peterson, a 29-year-old man agony from acne. When his skin doctor Dr. Saint David Cornbleet prescribed Accutane for his condition, Peterson mistakenly assumed that the drug had made him impotent. Disheartened by his condition, Peterson lashed back at his doctor, stabbing the latter to death.

"The law enforcement beginning said grounds golf course Peterson to the crime, saying blood in Cornbleet's office, where he was killed, matched deoxyribonucleic acid from a coffin nail establish at Peterson's New House Of York apartment," according to the Daily Mail.

In Turkey, a 52-year-old man despairing to stop his powerlessness sacrificed three donkeys in the name of "science." Agence France-Presse reported that Mehmet Esirgen brought place a donkey three times, chopped off the animals' sexual organs, and searched vainly for a physician who would give him a phallus transplant. This irritated his household and his angry boy shot Esirgen in the leg!

Impotence not only impacts the individual agony from it; its negative personal effects can also be a load to others. A good illustration is German husbandman Anti-Racketeering Law Gabel who sought one thousands of dollars in amends from three people whom he blamed for making his prized Struthio camelus impotent!

Gabel alleged that the noisy bangers caused his Struthio camelus Gustav to lose involvement in sex. He demanded over $6,000 in amends for the teenagers' antics.

"The husbandman claimed that pyrotechnics put off by the male children made the previously lubricious Gustav apathetic and depressed, and thus not able to execute for one-half a twelvemonth with his two genteelness partners. Before Gustav regained his sexual activity drive, the husbandman estimated he lost out on 14 Struthio camelus offspring, deserving $470 each," said the Associated Press (AP).

However, an Struthio camelus expert establish no connexion between the bangers and Gustav's behavior. The expert, Christoph Kistner, said while the noise could do stress, it had no consequence whatsoever on Gustav's sperm cell count. The male children were told to pay only $188 in veterinarian fees.

Sometimes when you least anticipate it, you can falter upon an powerlessness remedy not mentioned in medical journals. This is what happened to a 29-year-old New Yorker who supposedly experienced a rock-hard erection that wouldn't subside after imbibing a vitamin-enriched cocoa drink.

"The lawsuit filed by Saint Christopher Forest of New House Of York said he bought the nutrition drink made by the pharmaceutical company Novartis silver at a apothecary's shop and drank it. Woods' tribunal document state he woke up the adjacent morning time 'with an hard-on that would not subside' and sought treatment that twenty-four hours for the condition, called terrible priapism," AP said. To this day, it is not known what have go of this eccentric case.

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