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Owen Wilson - Suicide, Depression & Anti-Depressants

As a curate and life intent manager dealing intimately with people and their interior issues, I've seen and heard a lot. Most importantly, I've experienced self-destructive inclinations and depression in my ain life. At the age of 12 old age old, I was so suffering and demoralised life with my step-mom far out in the state away from all my friends, I also contemplated killing myself.

Later as an grownup when after 5 old age of marriage, my ex-wife told me she had been having an matter and cheating on me, I experienced my ain land zero. Processing my hurting and turning the messiness into a message by manner of a book that equally wrote me, I learned how to engineer a Discovery for a Broken Heart.

Based on what I've read about Owen, a fantastic psyche whom the human race loves, here are my dear recommendations.

1. Get off the anti-depressants. These drugs, as the British Checkup Diary surveys have got shown, dual the likeliness of attempted suicide. Unrest, utmost agitation, turmoil, and homicide have got been linked to these drugs.

- The Vermont Technical School slayer Cho Seung Hui was taking anti-psychotic meds when he murdered 32 people.

- A 15-year-old Kip Kinkel on fluoxetine killed his ain parents and opened fire on pupils at school.

- 18-year-old Eric Townsend Harris was on the antidepressant drug Luvox when he and his spouse Bob Dylan Klebold killed 12 schoolmates and a instructor before taking his ain life. The medical examiner confirmed that the antidepressant drug was in his system through toxicology (April 20, 1999 - Columbine, CO).

- 15-year-old T.J. Solomon was being treated with a premix of antidepressant drugs when he opened fire on and hurt six of his schoolmates (May 20, 1999).

The Food and Drug Administration and the drug companies support it necessitate to be punished for punitory amends for dolling out these destructive drugs to down individuals. These drugs only perpetuate and decline the problem, while profiting the pharmaceutical companies and FDA.

Find other ways to decide interior issues, rather than becoming self-destructive or being turned into a psychotic killer.

Owen is such as a loveable guy. Who knows? Maybe these anti-depressants made him angry and even desire to harm Kate the physical object of his love--which he may have got tried to kill himself to avoid doing. The negative personal effects of head and temper altering drugs torture even the sincerest of psyches into insanity.

2. Find interior balance and harmoniousness with your past and present.

Owen's hard-and-fast upbringing throughout his childhood caused him to a spot compliant, perhaps resentfully so. As an grownup Robert Owen broke out and sought to show his freedom, but in so doing developed a dark side becoming to some "the ultimate bad boy" and womanizer. Robert Owen always said to himself he'd be married by 30-years-of-age and starting his family. His bad male child years however have got got the best of him and drawn-out longer than he expected. Now Robert Owen must go congruent, nail his passion, and fighting for his focus. As Owen's personal identity come ups back into alliance with his true interior desires, his fate will get to blossom and be joyfully realized.

3. Ascent your friendly relationships pursuant to your desirable future.

Show me your friends and I will demo you your future. Bad company corrupts good ethical motive and communicating (1 Corinthians 15:33). From the flood of the bosom come ups the words of the mouth. Detect a soiled domestic dog by the devilish duologue legal proceeding from their lips. Owen's got a fantastic household who loves him, a dear friend in Woody Harrelson, and (according to Courtney Love) a unsafe beginning of enticement in chap drug user Steve Coogan.

Jesus loves everybody unconditionally, but on Earth He never spent a great trade of clip being negatively influenced by people who weren't going anywhere with their lives. Robert Owen can be an eagle, chicken, or a buzzard. Misery certainly loves company, but birds of Jove cognize how to wing and state bye.

4. Cultivate good behaviour which predate and give birth to good feelings.

Everybody desires to experience good, but for some ground we bury that self-esteem must be developed by ground of our mundane lives. Your day-to-day modus operandi uncovers the true you. Owen's a great actor, but inside he's aware of his devils and combats with which he battles.

I'm not throwing rocks here, but merely taking a world check. Robert Owen got involved with Kate while she was still legally married to her vocalist hubby Chris Robinson. Robert Owen later got a taste sensation of his ain medical specialty when Kate broke his bosom in like manner when she got involved with Dax Shepard. What come ups around travels around. Truly we make eventually harvest what we sow. If person sinfulnesses with you, they shall surely eventually sinfulness against you. Robert Owen therefore should mind of getting involved with married women and prosecute healthy human relationships in pureness so as to guarantee longevity.

5. Live and love fearlessly.

Owen's professional chases have got handsomely paid off for him making him a film star. To do it in Film Industry you have got to stomach a batch of rejection in the beginning. Love and human relationships necessitates no less vulnerability, transparency, and honesty. Owen's fearfulness of failure have seemingly repeatedly sabotaged his human relationships and left him wanting in the end. It's clock Robert Owen goes certain and committed to what he desires in life and takes any distractions detouring him from dreaming fulfillment.

Women desire stability, security, and tranquility. Robert Owen must find what he desires and do some grownup picks based on what he values most--hanging with the bad male children or establishing a loving and meaningful relationship. Robert Owen must do some gutsy determinations and forfeits to acquire what he really desires in life.

6. Connect with the Godhead and experience a new beginning.

Owen have popped into a couple Christian churches seeking God's touching and intercession in his life. As Robert Robert Owen fourth estates past his flesh and gets feeding his spirit within, this adult male will be mightily strengthened to transcend every restriction and originate a new man. Supreme Being Godhead can transform Owen in the twinkling of an oculus and pass over every rupture from his eye. As Robert Owen pours His bosom out to Supreme Being and befriends His Creator, there is nil he cannot suppress and accomplish. The Father in Heaven will freely forgive Owen, give him another chance, and take him on an adventurous Godhead romance.

7. Seek a new Negro spiritual moral force and anticipate the miraculous to flux forth.

Owen went to his place in Maui, Aloha State desiring an intercession and pursuing a personal breakthrough. Seemingly nil came through. I however believe Supreme Being is getting ready to move! My dear friend and chap curate who also travels in the miraculous, Rich Vera lives and curates in Maui Island (residing in Kehei). A MTV world show surfboarder recently visited Rich during one of his meetings and was mightily touched by Supreme Being and transformed. I am expecting the same for Owen.

Beyond dead religion, Robert Robert Owen necessitates to link with the Godhead of heaven. Therein he shall happen love and newness of life, which shall promptly set an end to the interior restlessness and strife.

My prayers, love, and support is with Robert Owen Harriet Wilson and his family.

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