Monday, July 30, 2007

Why Employers Should Conduct Employee Background Checks

The privateness of every individual is of import and it should be respected. However, there are certain exceptions. Conducting employee background bank checks is not considered as an invasion of a person's privacy. It's just a manner to check up on if you're a believable and trustworthy person.

People respond differently when it come ups to background checks. A batch of recognition applications and occupations necessitate employee background bank checks and most people are hesitating to give personal information and one of their grounds is privacy. But there are also those people who are willing to collaborate and give the necessary information needed.

Being entrusted with places that manage cash, proprietary information, private records, or even the well being and wellness of other individuals, is an chance that implies dedication and good background records. Whether you're the employer or the prospect employee, you surely would desire a background check.

Employers behavior employee background bank bank check so that they can experience safe and they can set all their trust to that peculiar employee. Without checking the background of employees, it's wish handing your billfold to aliens and assuming that it will be returned intact.

The lifeblood of any concern is its employees and they can only be trusted fully after employees background checks. You will be at some hazard if you're not able to carry on any background bank check at all.

Honesty is very of import but because of the utmost fight in the market, many appliers are not honorable adequate to set the right inside information of their personal information. The last and most helpful vacation spot for most employers is conducting employee background check. Since hiring and preparation already affects a certain sum of money of money, employers just desire to be certain that their new employee will assist them convey more than money into the business.

Through the records of employees, every piece of information contained in the applicant's sketch and written documents can be verified. The employer can verify if you're SS figure is accurate, if you've served in jail, or if you've been convicted of any crime. Recognition history is also considered in employee background bank checks as mentioned earlier. Other employers still look into drive records especially if you will be drive a company car.

There are also drawbacks when it come ups to conducting employee background checks. Sometimes the beginnings of information are at fault because there are pieces of information which are incorrect. This usually haps if an individual have a common name, which is why people are allowed to check up on up on their data files every now and then to happen out if there is any wrong information contained in the report.

Employers should therefore check on respective records just to do certain that they are correct. This way, you can also avoid turning down competitory prospect employees that are truly capable of handling the occupation required.

The employers should also not bury to state their appliers that they will be conducting an employee background check. The applier must authorise the employer to look into their background, and this should be done in writing. Just in lawsuit the employee will be turned down, the employer can easily explicate the reason/s.

Character mentions are also important. The employer can happen out other of import information such as as the former wage of the employee, his or her work ethic, and many others.

Through employee background checks, the employers can salvage a batch on money arising from lawsuits and other problems.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

What Does Tiger Time Lawn Care and Bikinis Have in Common?

No, not Tiger Forest nor Tony the Tiger from Kellogg's Sugar Frosted Flakes. Rich Person you heard of "niche" marketing? A concern have to happen a 'hook' to really be successful. Well, a Memphis, Volunteer State concern proprietor discovered a scantily clothed selling tool to assist his concern grow.

The secret to Tiger Time Lawn Care selling success is bikinis! The employees of Tiger Time wear two-pieces as they execute their occupation duties. The owner, Spike Lee Cathey, was looking for ways to bring forth a batch of "word of mouth" bombilation for his new business. He had seen the thought a few calendar months prior and thought he'd give it a try, an experimentation of sorts. He decided to take the Hooters concern theoretical account to the human race of lawn attention with his company.

First, he had to happen employees willing to run powerfulness equipment while clothed in lone a bikini. And he did! The employees love that they can also acquire a suntan while working. His "experiment" worked and soon his concern began to grow.

Reports state Tiger Time's staff caused quite a stir in the community and a local Fox News transmission channel sent a movie crew out to videotape the two-piece staff during their day-to-day lawn service route. All of this exposure without having to pay for it is what catapulted Tiger Time Lawn Care to the spotlight.

The best advertisement is word of mouth! I inquire what haps during the wintertime months. Volition the two-piece clad staff travel in hibernation? Bashes Memphis acquire adequate snowfall for the proprietor to worry about cryopathy and hypothermia? I think we'll have got to wait to see what the bombilation is in mid-January about Tiger Lawn Care Service.

If you have and run your ain lawn attending concern and are looking for a alone selling angle to really derive attention; why not seek adding a two-piece lawn attention service? In no clip you too may happen yourself inundated with mass media interview petitions which will take to new clients sign language up for your services.

I inquire if the employees acquire a uniform allowance? I love America!

2007 by Avis Ward

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Saphire As A Jewelry Gemstone

Sapphire is indistinguishable in construction to ruby and is a assortment of the mineral corundum. Sapphires are seen widely as bluish in colour with reddish and pinkish redness corundom rocks being classified as rubies. This rock is extremely difficult and do for a very lasting gemstone. Favored among these rocks are those with the classic star pattern. This rock is mined the human race over and the beginning of the rock often finds the strength of its colour and sparkle. Sapphire can be establish in many countries of Africa, Southeast and Central Asia, the United States, United Mexican States and Australia. Corundom have been manufactured synthetically for industrial and gemstone intents since the early twentieth century. Therefore, attention must be taken when buying a rock since there are a assortment ways to artificially heighten the colour and visual aspect of corundum.


Along with its reddish first cousin the ruby, sapphires have got a long and sacred history that days of the month back to ancient times. It was once thought that any bluish rock was a sapphire. Long valued by royalty these rocks have got even held a topographic point of prominence in the Roman Catholic Church. The ancient Persians believed that the bluish of the sky was somehow connected to sapphires and the rocks were often thought to be gift from the heavens.

Birthstone Information

Sapphire is recognized as the birthstone of September and associated with the astrological birth marks of Sagittarius, Virgin and Libra.

New Age Beliefs and Powers Through The Ages

Depending on the color, this rock have been said to possess many metaphysical powers. Among gemstones sapphires are one of the most highly regarded and powerful stones. Among the powerfulnesses attributed to wearing this rock are wisdom, truth and the granting of matrimonial blissfulness and fidelity. The rock is thought to guard off a countless of physical and mental illness, as well as leave a sense of composure and serenity. The celestial qualities of the rock were thought to protect the wearer against curse words and witchcraft.


Sapphire mentions to all colours of corundom anticipate for rednesses and pinks which are considered rubies. This rock can be establish in an extraordinary scope of colours including the classic bluish and sunglasses of yellow, brown, black, grey and violet to call just a few. The beautiful and classic star form sometimes establish in sapphire dwells of a six line star form intersecting at 60 grade increments. Variations in colour can happen depending on the amount of titanium, Fe or Cr dross establish in the stone.

Artificial Forms of Enhancement

There are respective procedures used to artificially heighten the colour and visual aspect of these stones. Heat treatment is done in order to deepen the colour and the rocks be exposed to a procedure known as irradiation to change the color. Stones that have got got not undergone any type of unreal sweetening are considered to have a higher value.

General Scientific Information

The chemical name Al2O3 and is referred to corundum.

Hardness measurements 9.0 on the Mohs scale of measurement of measurement of measurement - the Mohs scale measurements the hardness of metals, minerals, gemstones and crystals on a scale of 1 to 10. For illustration the hardness places of most quartz glass crystals autumn around 7 on the scale, as makes steel and titanium. Diamond is the hardest known matter on the Mohs scale of measurement coming in at a difficult 10. To most consumers hardness generally reflects the rocks able to defy abrasions and cracks.

There is no cleavage establish in sapphire.

The index of refraction scopes between 1.757 and 1.779 and generally bespeaks the pureness of the stone.

The specific gravitation scopes from 3.96 to 4.1

The crystalline system is hexagonal.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Technology And The Amish – A Marriage Of Convenience?

Can you conceive of a life without the telephone? Or without electricity, or heated up H2O in wintertimes and the chilling influence of an actinium in summers? Difficult, if not impossible. Yet there is a traditional society which shuns the usage of these very symbols of a modern human race and lodge to their beliefs of simple life and high thinking. Living in the thick of the pandemonium of the modern world, the Amish kin shows a composure 'No, give thanks you, but we are doing just fine' slight to the creature comforts of modern technology.

The ground why the Amish eschew engineering lies in their spiritual beliefs. Known to take a recluse life style owed to their spiritual restrictions, the Amish are an ascetic, recluse grouping of people who seek and maintain their distance from the furnishings of modern life. Not that engineering would do their life less comfortable, but mainly it is seen as an insult to well established traditions and a simple and rugged life.

Take the usage of the telephone. The small little instrument is a symbol of the advancement adult male have made in the field of communication theory over the past centuries. The shunning could well be a consequence of the belief that widespread usage of the telephone set will take to outside influences creeping in, and hence botch the pureness of their culture. The society, however, makes not forbid the usage of modern engineering where it goes essential- for instance, names may be made and received for concern purposes, but only if made from a booth outside the home. The thought being to avoid its influence on the traditional family lifestyle, it is not allowed inside the home.

Another ground for the shunning of engineering is the perceived differences it is likely to convey within the society. While current followers of traditional beliefs consequences in a nearly equal society, the acceptance of modern engineering and its derived functions is jump to make different income levels, which would further take to competition and the volition to outdo the other. Both facets are against the very kernel of the movement, which have an equal society as its foundation.

Where engineering makes not prevent contact with the outside world, it may sometimes be used. Thus you are improbable to happen a telecasting owed to its perceived corrupting influence, but in a funny version to the demand of the day, some electrical machines may be used, provided, firstly, they make not depend on outside electricity, and secondly, have got a human component attached to it. An electrical grass mover may be used, for instance, but only if it is to be pulled along by a human. Similarly, a wood carving machine may be used to do the basic construction of Amish furniture, but the concluding coating would still have got got to be done by the carpenter's hand.

The simpleness would have to be retained, and you are improbable to happen too brassy a designing in Amish handcrafted furniture. Tradition is of kernel here, and it may take years to do a single piece, yet engineering will only be used where it makes not interfere with the cultural requirements. Even then, you can be reasonably certain that whatever the measure of electricity used, the lumber for the Amish made piece of furniture have probably been cut on a Diesel tally generator rather than the regular supply!

Though it may not be the ideal manner to dwell for most technical school junkies, the Amish manner of life makes offering a few lessons in simple living. Talk to an Amish gentleman or a lady, and you will happen a individual unhampered by the bonds of modern trappings, happy in the simpleness of his or her life.

Monday, July 9, 2007

SUV's, Muscle Cars, Women, and The Pope

Be honest, makes the statute title of this article work stoppage you as being perplexing? Are you scratching your caput wondering what is the connexion between The Pope, Muscle Cars, Women, and SUV's? If so, be patient and read on because we are about to connect-the-dots for you. We get with The Pope. If we can hold that, no document, no statements, come ups forth from the Vatican Palace without The Popes express approval and blessing, then we can proceed. It was on June 19th, 2007, that the Vatican, under the leading of His Holiness Pope Ruth Benedict XVI, released a written written document innocuously titled "Guidelines for the Pastorale Care of the Road".

It was this 36 page document of 10 'Thou shall' and 'Thou shall not' commandments that caused a rippling consequence that made its manner from one continent to another. The first to undergo and respond to it were the high-performance vehicle loving Italians. Both Italian Ferrari proprietors and franchises were heard to pant when they learned that the Holy Place See had suddenly taken a somewhat hostile place towards high-end car ownership. Then, like an ill-wind blowing, the remainder of Europe's high-end car makers and proprietors began to experience a general discomfort. That discomfort, that sick wind, then crossed the ocean to United States where Catholics, who had just parked their Mercedes, BMW's, and Lexus's in the Christian church parking lot, were observed squirming in their pews. But the worst of its consequence drop on the woman, in particular, the women who owned high public presentation extravagance Sports Utility Vehicles. So why was it that it was female high-end SUV owners, that were the most distressed? Well, it was because, they had been hiding, carrying, harboring, and life with an unfulfilled secret, and now it was realized, and there was no manner to deny or flight from it.

They could no longer deny that enviousness and a lecherousness for powerfulness had passed amongst coevals of women. They could no longer get away the fact that they, their mothers, and grandmothers, had longed to feel, and have got ownership of, the powerfulness that work force had felt as they steered their musculus cars, Harley Hogs, monster trucks, and high-performance sports cars. Then quite unexpectedly, what had been denied to them as being somehow unacceptable arrived and became available to them in the word form of an SUV.

After all, who would make bold to take issue with a 'soccer mom' 'little conference mom' or Dad Charles Dudley Warner football game mom, driving a brood of immature participants and their equipment back and forth from patterns and games? Cipher that's who. It was almost touching, heart-warming, A piece of Americana, to see a women behind the wheel of a SUV transporting a grouping of uniformed children to their athletics destination. Put another way, it was an acceptable sight that remained acceptable even when women were no longer transporting anyone but themselves to the manicurist. It was only when the SUV began to take a very difficult bend from its original useful intent that a few superciliums began to lift in inquiry of why a adult female might be drive a vehicle that was originally meant to supply rider room together with towing and off-road capability. Especially a single adult female who one just knew was never going to be towing anything with her BMW X5, nor was she ever going to let it to be scratched by the bramble and brushwood of unsmooth and bouldery terrain.. Admittedly, even if one wanted to, one would nevertheless hesitate at the idea of starting an statement with a adult female literally looking down on you from her perch inside a Porsche Cayenne, Mercedes-Benz G-Class, Oregon Abraham Lincoln Sailing Master L. Particularly when one sees that she could, if she wanted to, axial rotation right over your fuel-economy sedan.

So then, what exactly was the Holy Place declaration that caused so much Angst and fervor? Two sentences that is all it was. The first, sentence was nestled in the subdivision titled "Vanity and personal glorification" and said, "Cars particularly impart themselves to being used by their proprietors to demo off, and as a agency for outshining other people and arousing a feeling of envy." This is followed by the 5th commandment warning, which cuts to the pursuit by saying,, "Cars shall not be for you an look of powerfulness and domination."

And there you have got got it, that's all there was to it and had these dictums not come up down from the place of the Holy Place See, they most probably would have been ignored. But they did, and they weren't and that's all there is to that.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Presenting - Lido Chilelli - Founder of the Toronto International Beaches Jazz Festival

Every twelvemonth 1 amusement event in Toronto's Beach vicinity pulls immense worldwide attention: the Toronto International Beaches Wind Festival. Lido Chilelli, a local entrepreneur, is the individual who came up with the thought and who maintains organizing the event twelvemonth after year, and he definitely had to be included in the Beach article series.

I met Lido at his private place / business office located on Queen Street East. The business office was buzzing, mail was just being delivered, and of import news from patrons was just coming in. I realized I had to be rapid to catch this busy adult male in a few free moments.

Born and raised in Toronto, Lido have been life in the Beach for 25 years. His two children attended vicinity schools and are active in local athletics and culture. Of Italian heritage, he originally grew up in Downsview and studied urban geographics at House Of York University. His early work experience included a stretch with a particular events circuit company that would take visitants to NFL games, supply keepsakes for the Zane Grey Cup as well as the papal visit. Event direction have long been in Lido's blood. He ventured forth to go an enterpriser and opened a barroom / eating house called "Lido's in the Beach" that was in operation for 17 years. Lido adds that he chose the Beach vicinity because it is a stopping point knit, alone community with a broad Torontonian appeal.

He liked the vicinity so much that he wanted to open up it up to the remainder of Toronto. So he got to work, hired unrecorded bands, set on some wind music and dance at his restaurant. People from all over Toronto started flocking here. Lido's drew one thousands of people into the Beach neighbourhood.

Based on this experience Lido took his thoughts to the adjacent level: he concluded that there should be a wind festival. He said "We have got got got the park, we have the musicians, and we have the music lovers." All the ingredients were there. Lido acknowledges he knew nil about festival organization; he simply used his common sense. In 1989 the first Beaches Wind Festival was kicked off. It was held in the parkland – Kew Gardens – and lasted for two years with an attending of a couple of thousand people. The great thing was that the festival was free, and its popularity exploded virtually overnight. A trip to the parkland to see some unrecorded wind was the perfect household outing. Lido depicts the scene in the parkland as "a formula for a musical love-in."

The occupants wanted more, so he decided to develop an activity during the hebdomad and that is how Streetfest was born. Streetfest came into being as an original event showcasing sets between Virginia Creeper and Beech Avenues. During the first few old age it was held from 7 to 11 pm, and the roadstead were still unfastened to traffic. The event's popularity spreading like wildfire, people were dance on the pavements and spilling out onto the streets. Queen Street was finally closed off to route traffic in 1995, and as Lido states "The remainder is history".

The local impact of the Beaches Wind Festival is enormous: Lido recently commissioned an economical impact survey which concluded that the Beaches Wind Festival directly or indirectly pulls about $38 million every twelvemonth to the City of Toronto. For many local concerns it is the best clip of the year. This twelvemonth the Beaches Wind Festival will bring forth over 120 million mass media impressions, and during 2006 the website had 25 million hits from all over the world. The Beaches Wind Festival have got go a tourer halt for people from all over the human race and supplies a enormous encouragement to local hotels and restaurants.

But not only concern people love this event, local and international music aficionadoes alike have fallen in love with this festival: in a recent ECOS/ Toronto Star Poll the Beaches Wind Festival was voted Toronto's front-runner music festival. Now in its 19th year, instrumentalists come up from all over the world. They love the crowd and the country because it offers so much family and a really particular atmosphere.

The costs of putting on a free festival are funded almost exclusively through corporate sponsorships. Less than 10% of the budget is covered by finances from public sources. Lido adds it have go increasingly ambitious to happen sponsorships; particularly this twelvemonth he have noticed a alteration in the corporate marketplace, and some corps are moving away from sponsoring community events. Lido commented that it is a challenge every twelvemonth to set the festival on because things like policing, coverage and refuse remotion cost more. Every twelvemonth it acquires harder.

He names the festival a labor of love; it is "like a babe that you care for". He reasons when you are in the humanistic discipline that's the manner it is. Next twelvemonth the festival is going to observe its 20th day of remembrance and Lido suspires that "even after all these old age essentially you are still a starving artist".

Getting a street festival off the land is not easy, and Lido adds that you have got to be sensitive to the demands of the local residents. Working with the concerns and occupants affects an educational process, and all the stake-holders demand to happen a good manner of co-existing. What worked in Lido's favor was that he himself is a occupant of the neighbourhood, he is portion of the community and plant with the vicinity all the time. He would happen out right away if something needed adjusting.

Lido works with a staff of 12 employees and about 200 volunteers. The Beaches International Wind Festival Society is a non-profit organization that acquires its support solely through corporate sponsorships. But Lido's organizational and promotional endowments are not limited to the Beaches Wind Festival: for 2007 his event direction company, Beach Towel Productions, will manage a whole series of other events:

- The 3rd Annual James Barrie Waterfront Festival featuring buskers, music, street theatre, pyrotechnics and other activities. - The 3rd Annual Distillery Blues Festival, highlighting Rhythm & Blues at Toronto's Distillery District
- The 5th Annual 95.3 New Country Canada Day Festival, including food, humanistic discipline & trades and free concerts at Sunnyside Beach.
- The 10th Annual Toronto Fiesta, with more than than 50 sets performing on St. Clair Avenue Occident near Landsdowne. - Parti Gras! at the Distillery – Toronto's very ain "Mardi Gras" party, complete with unrecorded music, New Orleans style cuisine, street performers, craftsmen and a manner show. - The 19th Annual Beaches International Wind Festival, featuring over 70 bands. - The 2nd Annual Y108 Field Day in the Park where Y108 nowadays Canada's Prime Minister up and coming sets at Gauge Park in Brampton. - The 2nd Annual Wasaga Beachfest, featuring Canadian performers, humanistic discipline & trades and a children's drama country in Wasaga Beach. - The 16th Annual Beachfest – mix 99.9 – showcasing top degree Canadian bands, humanistic discipline & trades and a children's drama country at Sunnyside Park.

All the particular events that Lido organizes take topographic point in the busy summertime calendar months from May to September. He states you have got to be really organized and work together with a good squad of people to do it all happen. This twelvemonth the Toronto International Beaches Wind Festival will be held from July 20 to 29 and will be kicked off with Parti Gras! – a New Orleans style jubilation in the Distillery District. The Ovation of Wind will be held on July 25, 2007 at the Balmy Beach Baseball Club as the functionary launch of the Beaches International Wind Festival. It is a tasteful event offering ample chance to rub elbow joints with the Who's Who and Future Stars of the Wind industry!

The TD Canada Trust 2007 Wind Workshop and Lecture series supplies a figure of workshops such as as "Afro Cuban Rhumba", "The Art of Wind Singing", wind composition workshops and others more. Streetfest functions up a whole smorgasbord of unrecorded music, from the high-grade Large Band, Jazz, Rhythm & Blues and Soul in Canada to an international aggregation of Acid, Bebop, Columbian, Dixieland, Flamenco, Folk, Funk, Latin, Reggae and Obeche performers. The greatest stars are featured on the Main Phase on the Saturday and Lord'S Day of the event.

Queen Street have been hopping east of Woodbine, and every twelvemonth the festival acquires bigger. At the minute treatments are underway about expanding the scheduling to the country immediately west of Woodbine. The merchandisers in that country have got indicated an involvement in becoming portion of the festival, and even last twelvemonth there were a couple of sets playing there on the street in presence of local businesses.

Lido Chilelli have go a fixture on Toronto's amusement scene, and for his work in the community Lido have won numerous awardings from community organizations, the metropolis and the province, including the Queen's Golden Jubilee Medal. He was also honoured as the Lion's Club's 'Lion of the Year'. He have been featured in a assortment of national mags and is a initiation member of the Community Police Affair Committee for the Beach.

One undertaking that is dear to Lido's bosom is fundraising for the Toronto East General Hospital. The Beaches Wind Festival raised $200,000 for the Hospital and built the brand-new maternity ward at Toronto East General. Lido and his organisation work with the infirmary on a regular basis.

His work twenty-four hours is packed, a criterion work twenty-four hours travels at least from 9 am to 6 pm. Much of his occupation affects organizational duties in-house and meetings out of the office. The norm work twenty-four hours have about one or two meetings, sometimes there are three or four. He states he have good staff members that he can trust on to assist him acquire all these events off the ground.

From left to right: Anti-Racketeering Law Ferrara: Artistic and Phase Manager; Lido Chilelli; Diane Wilson: chicken coop pupil from Saint George Brown College, and Pat Carpignano: Operations Manager.

With almost 20 old age of experience and diverse events throughout Toronto and Southern Ontario, Lido Chilelli is definitely the go-to man to convey together free music, particular events and merriment for the whole family.