Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Technology And The Amish – A Marriage Of Convenience?

Can you conceive of a life without the telephone? Or without electricity, or heated up H2O in wintertimes and the chilling influence of an actinium in summers? Difficult, if not impossible. Yet there is a traditional society which shuns the usage of these very symbols of a modern human race and lodge to their beliefs of simple life and high thinking. Living in the thick of the pandemonium of the modern world, the Amish kin shows a composure 'No, give thanks you, but we are doing just fine' slight to the creature comforts of modern technology.

The ground why the Amish eschew engineering lies in their spiritual beliefs. Known to take a recluse life style owed to their spiritual restrictions, the Amish are an ascetic, recluse grouping of people who seek and maintain their distance from the furnishings of modern life. Not that engineering would do their life less comfortable, but mainly it is seen as an insult to well established traditions and a simple and rugged life.

Take the usage of the telephone. The small little instrument is a symbol of the advancement adult male have made in the field of communication theory over the past centuries. The shunning could well be a consequence of the belief that widespread usage of the telephone set will take to outside influences creeping in, and hence botch the pureness of their culture. The society, however, makes not forbid the usage of modern engineering where it goes essential- for instance, names may be made and received for concern purposes, but only if made from a booth outside the home. The thought being to avoid its influence on the traditional family lifestyle, it is not allowed inside the home.

Another ground for the shunning of engineering is the perceived differences it is likely to convey within the society. While current followers of traditional beliefs consequences in a nearly equal society, the acceptance of modern engineering and its derived functions is jump to make different income levels, which would further take to competition and the volition to outdo the other. Both facets are against the very kernel of the movement, which have an equal society as its foundation.

Where engineering makes not prevent contact with the outside world, it may sometimes be used. Thus you are improbable to happen a telecasting owed to its perceived corrupting influence, but in a funny version to the demand of the day, some electrical machines may be used, provided, firstly, they make not depend on outside electricity, and secondly, have got a human component attached to it. An electrical grass mover may be used, for instance, but only if it is to be pulled along by a human. Similarly, a wood carving machine may be used to do the basic construction of Amish furniture, but the concluding coating would still have got got to be done by the carpenter's hand.

The simpleness would have to be retained, and you are improbable to happen too brassy a designing in Amish handcrafted furniture. Tradition is of kernel here, and it may take years to do a single piece, yet engineering will only be used where it makes not interfere with the cultural requirements. Even then, you can be reasonably certain that whatever the measure of electricity used, the lumber for the Amish made piece of furniture have probably been cut on a Diesel tally generator rather than the regular supply!

Though it may not be the ideal manner to dwell for most technical school junkies, the Amish manner of life makes offering a few lessons in simple living. Talk to an Amish gentleman or a lady, and you will happen a individual unhampered by the bonds of modern trappings, happy in the simpleness of his or her life.