Wednesday, July 25, 2007

What Does Tiger Time Lawn Care and Bikinis Have in Common?

No, not Tiger Forest nor Tony the Tiger from Kellogg's Sugar Frosted Flakes. Rich Person you heard of "niche" marketing? A concern have to happen a 'hook' to really be successful. Well, a Memphis, Volunteer State concern proprietor discovered a scantily clothed selling tool to assist his concern grow.

The secret to Tiger Time Lawn Care selling success is bikinis! The employees of Tiger Time wear two-pieces as they execute their occupation duties. The owner, Spike Lee Cathey, was looking for ways to bring forth a batch of "word of mouth" bombilation for his new business. He had seen the thought a few calendar months prior and thought he'd give it a try, an experimentation of sorts. He decided to take the Hooters concern theoretical account to the human race of lawn attention with his company.

First, he had to happen employees willing to run powerfulness equipment while clothed in lone a bikini. And he did! The employees love that they can also acquire a suntan while working. His "experiment" worked and soon his concern began to grow.

Reports state Tiger Time's staff caused quite a stir in the community and a local Fox News transmission channel sent a movie crew out to videotape the two-piece staff during their day-to-day lawn service route. All of this exposure without having to pay for it is what catapulted Tiger Time Lawn Care to the spotlight.

The best advertisement is word of mouth! I inquire what haps during the wintertime months. Volition the two-piece clad staff travel in hibernation? Bashes Memphis acquire adequate snowfall for the proprietor to worry about cryopathy and hypothermia? I think we'll have got to wait to see what the bombilation is in mid-January about Tiger Lawn Care Service.

If you have and run your ain lawn attending concern and are looking for a alone selling angle to really derive attention; why not seek adding a two-piece lawn attention service? In no clip you too may happen yourself inundated with mass media interview petitions which will take to new clients sign language up for your services.

I inquire if the employees acquire a uniform allowance? I love America!

2007 by Avis Ward

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