Monday, July 9, 2007

SUV's, Muscle Cars, Women, and The Pope

Be honest, makes the statute title of this article work stoppage you as being perplexing? Are you scratching your caput wondering what is the connexion between The Pope, Muscle Cars, Women, and SUV's? If so, be patient and read on because we are about to connect-the-dots for you. We get with The Pope. If we can hold that, no document, no statements, come ups forth from the Vatican Palace without The Popes express approval and blessing, then we can proceed. It was on June 19th, 2007, that the Vatican, under the leading of His Holiness Pope Ruth Benedict XVI, released a written written document innocuously titled "Guidelines for the Pastorale Care of the Road".

It was this 36 page document of 10 'Thou shall' and 'Thou shall not' commandments that caused a rippling consequence that made its manner from one continent to another. The first to undergo and respond to it were the high-performance vehicle loving Italians. Both Italian Ferrari proprietors and franchises were heard to pant when they learned that the Holy Place See had suddenly taken a somewhat hostile place towards high-end car ownership. Then, like an ill-wind blowing, the remainder of Europe's high-end car makers and proprietors began to experience a general discomfort. That discomfort, that sick wind, then crossed the ocean to United States where Catholics, who had just parked their Mercedes, BMW's, and Lexus's in the Christian church parking lot, were observed squirming in their pews. But the worst of its consequence drop on the woman, in particular, the women who owned high public presentation extravagance Sports Utility Vehicles. So why was it that it was female high-end SUV owners, that were the most distressed? Well, it was because, they had been hiding, carrying, harboring, and life with an unfulfilled secret, and now it was realized, and there was no manner to deny or flight from it.

They could no longer deny that enviousness and a lecherousness for powerfulness had passed amongst coevals of women. They could no longer get away the fact that they, their mothers, and grandmothers, had longed to feel, and have got ownership of, the powerfulness that work force had felt as they steered their musculus cars, Harley Hogs, monster trucks, and high-performance sports cars. Then quite unexpectedly, what had been denied to them as being somehow unacceptable arrived and became available to them in the word form of an SUV.

After all, who would make bold to take issue with a 'soccer mom' 'little conference mom' or Dad Charles Dudley Warner football game mom, driving a brood of immature participants and their equipment back and forth from patterns and games? Cipher that's who. It was almost touching, heart-warming, A piece of Americana, to see a women behind the wheel of a SUV transporting a grouping of uniformed children to their athletics destination. Put another way, it was an acceptable sight that remained acceptable even when women were no longer transporting anyone but themselves to the manicurist. It was only when the SUV began to take a very difficult bend from its original useful intent that a few superciliums began to lift in inquiry of why a adult female might be drive a vehicle that was originally meant to supply rider room together with towing and off-road capability. Especially a single adult female who one just knew was never going to be towing anything with her BMW X5, nor was she ever going to let it to be scratched by the bramble and brushwood of unsmooth and bouldery terrain.. Admittedly, even if one wanted to, one would nevertheless hesitate at the idea of starting an statement with a adult female literally looking down on you from her perch inside a Porsche Cayenne, Mercedes-Benz G-Class, Oregon Abraham Lincoln Sailing Master L. Particularly when one sees that she could, if she wanted to, axial rotation right over your fuel-economy sedan.

So then, what exactly was the Holy Place declaration that caused so much Angst and fervor? Two sentences that is all it was. The first, sentence was nestled in the subdivision titled "Vanity and personal glorification" and said, "Cars particularly impart themselves to being used by their proprietors to demo off, and as a agency for outshining other people and arousing a feeling of envy." This is followed by the 5th commandment warning, which cuts to the pursuit by saying,, "Cars shall not be for you an look of powerfulness and domination."

And there you have got got it, that's all there was to it and had these dictums not come up down from the place of the Holy Place See, they most probably would have been ignored. But they did, and they weren't and that's all there is to that.

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