Sunday, June 3, 2007

Paris Hilton - Love or Hate Her?

Some people, from years before now, have already realized that you would either hate a person or love her? This of course could go to the extent of extreme disgust or extreme adoration. But how we end up hating or loving people so much depends on the mercy of our own judgment.

Why do people hate Paris Hilton and why do others love her so much?

Groups of people might hate Paris Hilton because she does despicable things that other people don't want to see. Or maybe she does things that reflect what other people has done, has been doing and intends to do in the next second. And still, people might hate her because she exposes a human nature that everybody doesn't want to be exposed, while we all know that such possibilities exist. And we could go on saying that people hate her because of the bandwagon. This leads to people hating a person without any established ground for hating but what others have already told them. Say you read an article in a website illustrating Paris's actions that many may find intriguing. Well apart from the ripple effect of the article you have read and other news you see on the tube combined with the hearsays of people who are equally interested in somebody else's personal life, you have nothing more to base your judgment on. And so, like many people who have learned to hate her before you do, you are also beginning to find that Paris Hilton is someone you can easily hate.

On the other side of the story, there are people who love her, so much that they find her bright sides overshadowing her more vulnerable dark sides. This might be a hard feat since almost a hundred percent of the society devotes their time hating someone they haven't met yet.

But why do people love her? Is it her voice? Her charm? Her intriguing life? Or, simply because people see a being in her that is apart from all the images the press has created for and against her? Let's not go too sentimental but really, some people see her as their salvation, praising her like a goddess. Well maybe because she once said- in exact words- that she "provides hope for young people all over the U.S. and the world." And thus, some people got the hang on that especially those young girls who see her as their role model.

Moralists may think, what kind of role model is she? A good example for heedless acts perhaps or maybe just another beautiful face that people adore? Is she the role model for crippled morality or is she the manifestation of real glamour, beauty and fame? What does she exactly meant when she said that she gives hope to the young people of the United States and the world? Though we may have lots of interpretations on that, we can never tell what's running in her mind when she thought of her being the provider of hope. Is her being clueless, which apparently showed when questioned during her trial, the answer to be given to young people who need a star to always look up to? Many doubt but still, these questions call for personal realizations.

When we heard, for the first time, her song "Stars are Blind", many thought simplistically that stars ought to be blind, after all they don't need eyes to see their brightness. But in her case, the title of the song can metaphorically describe her. She really is blind. She's blinded from the law, from morality, from the genuine meaning of being human. Many even think she's hollow and her worth is equal to the face powder she puts on her face. In short, if she's not the celebrity we all know her to be, she's reduced to nothing.

So again, why do you hate her? Or, why do you love her? There are lots of answers for these of course because obviously, hundreds of news stories have been written on Paris Hilton since she started her modeling career until the recent, perhaps the turning point of her stories, the handling of her sentence in jail.

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