Monday, August 20, 2007

African Americans Facing Problems With Gaining Favored Residency In African Countries

From the show of heat from Pres. Rawling's Watch in Republic Of Ghana toward African Americans and the Black Muslims and from decennaries past with Marcus Garvey and Kwame Nkrumah 'Africa for Africans' and the Pan-African movement, many achromatic people throughout the Earth have got connected to their 'roots' and many even returned to or at least long to go back to their 'roots' in Africa. But by 2007, even with the resettlement of one thousands of African-Americans to the continent, some migrating slowly there since the 1960's, I am still not aware of one law on any government's book in Africa that computer addresses the in-migration position of the so-called African American.

Today, in most all lawsuits when African-Americans finally re-take up abode in Africa they must still do a annual visit to the local African in-migration government and pay to widen their visiting position just like any other American. There is no 'favored status' for the African-American. Most every other nationality born in the United States with a dash to reflect ethnical beginning i.e., Italian American, Irish American, and the other Euro-Americans, all are freely and legally accepted and well-thought-of in all of the European boundary line finishes when they go back to their native shores, American occupant or not…..they are all favorite in their ethnical homes.

It is a fact that many Africans in United States were taken as slaves from Africa as early as the 1500's, and yet after over 400 old age their political nexus and human relationship is still not legally addressed, consequently African Americans are still sorely disrespected and mis-used in this racial personal identity game. Even when they go back to Africa, it looks that lone the American dollar acquires the existent home-coming. Alas, a personal supplication for African related to people who have got been detached from the continent might be: 'GIVE Maine MY NAME, CULTURE, God and land back, or else drop the African from the American. So please, African 'think-tank', what next? We have got moved from colored, to Negro, to Black, to Afro-American, and to the current African-American status. Maybe just mention to us as God's ain children, the inherited children of 'the Supreme Being of Abraham, Isaac and Israel.' If so, will the existent Israelites'-Please base up?

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