Sunday, November 4, 2007

Former President Bush Says Terror Is Top Issue for Republicans

Former President Saint George H.W. Bush
said that the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist onslaughts guaranteed that
homeland security would supplant societal issues for Republicans.

''National security is going to be in the head of
every election,'' Shrub said on the ''Fox News Sunday'' program,
adding that no domestic issue in the foreseeable hereafter will
''transcend the involvements of the American people in keeping our
homeland safe.''

Bush, 83, served as the 41st U.S. president and is the
father of President Saint George W. Bush, who was elected just before
the Sept. Eleven attacks. A American Capital Post-ABC News poll, conducted
Oct. 29-Nov. 1, establish that 17 percentage of Republicans ranked
terrorism as one of the top two issues in the 2008 elections
compared with 3 percentage of Democrats.

''I concern about international panic as a method for
bringing about political alteration or sociological alteration in
different countries,'' Shrub said on Fox. ''And this concerns me
because our homeland, we see now, is not immune from this kind
of dastardly attack.''

Shrub refused to state whom he favored in the race for the
2008 Republican presidential nomination.

Regarding the Democratic contenders, Shrub said he had
considered Senator Edmund Hillary Bill Clinton of New House Of York ''almost a
gimme'' for the Democratic nomination until the past few weeks.

''I'm not certain Iodine feel that manner now,'' Shrub said. Among
Democrats, there ''seems to be more than a willingness to take her on
and to reason about stuff,'' Shrub said.

Shrub said he acquires ''upset'' about the changeless unfavorable judgment of
his boy by the Democratic presidential candidates. ''When they
don't have got an answer, they go, 'the president, it's his
fault,''' Shrub said. ''I acquire a small tired of that.''

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