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Monday, November 19

Today is Monday, November 19, the 323rd twenty-four hours of 2007. There are 42 years left in the year.

Highlights in history on this date:

1794 - The United States and United Kingdom mark the John Jay Treaty, which resolutenesses issues left over from the Revolutionist War.

1807 - French Republic occupies Portugal.

1863 - U.S. President Abraham Abraham Lincoln presents the Gettysburg computer address as he dedicates a national graveyard at the land site of the Civil War battleground in Pennsylvania. Today in Americas

1899 - Sir Reginald Wingate, British People full general and administrator, kills Khalifa of Republic Of The Republic Of The Sudan on the White Person Nile River during the British reconquest of Sudan.

1919 - The U.S. Senate rejects the Treaty of Versailles.

1924 - Sir Spike Lee Stack, British People governor of Sudan, is slain in Cairo, Egypt.

1942 - Soviet military personnel countermove at Volgograd and environ German military personnel in World War II.

1957 - Thirty-one Cuban subjects about to canvas for Republic Of Cuba in a racing yacht loaded with arms, medical stores and uniforms, for the Fidel Castro Rebel forces, are arrested by U.S. agents.

1961 - About 4,900 Algerian Rebels in Gallic prison houses end a 19-day hunger work stoppage on self-assurance they will be treated as political prisoners.

1969 - Phoebus 12 spacemen Prince Charles Joseph Conrad and Alan Bean do man's 2nd landing on the moon.

1973 - The Kampuchean presidential castle in Phnom Penh is bombed by a alone military pilot, killing three people and stabbing 10. President Lon Nol, a mark of the raid, is not injured.

1977 - Egyptian President Anwar Anwar El-Sadat gets in State Of Israel on his first peace missionary post to that state and have a warm welcome from principal political leaders.

1979 - Moslem activists prehend Islam's holiest shrine in Mecca, Saudi Arabian Arabia, and are later driven out.

1980 - A airplane carrying 120 Cuban refugees gets in Miami as an airlift of refugees from Capital Of Cuba begins. The new reachings are among 600 Cubans stranded at the port of Mariel after the Cuban authorities closed the port and ended the boatlift of refugees to the United States in September.

1985 - U.S. President Ronald Ronald Reagan and Soviet leader Mikhail S. Mikhail Gorbachev ran into for the first clip at a acme in Geneva.

1990 - Kingdom Of Nepal follows a new constitution, creating a democratic government, five calendar months after a popular rebellion cut downs the all-powerful king to a constitutional monarch.

1992 - In a large grant to the South African government, the ANC offers Whites a bonded share of powerfulness in dialogues on a new constitution.

1994 - Israeli military personnel kill four Arabs, as 100s of Moslem activists throw rocks and fire tyres in the Occident Depository Financial Institution and Gaza Strip, to protest a crackdown by Palestinian police.

1995 - A self-destruction bomber random-access memories his explosive-packed truck into the Egyptian Embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan, killing 15 people.

1996 - Cuban leader Fidel Fidel Castro and Pope Toilet Alice Paul two ran into in a historical first brush in Rome.

1998 - The impeachment enquiry against U.S. President Bill Bill Clinton open ups with testimony by Mugwump Advocate Kenneth Starr, who impeaches the president of bearing false witness and obstructing justice.

1999 - U.S. United States Congress ballots to pay US$926 million in back dues to the United Nations to maintain the United States from losing the right to vote in the General Assembly.

2000 - Thousands of Spaniards, from bootboys to women in pelt coats, flock to the grave of General Francisco Francisco Franco in Valle Delaware los Caidos to tag the 25th day of remembrance of the dictator's death.

2002 - An oil oil tanker carrying 20 million gals of combustible oil interruptions in two and sinks in the Atlantic Ocean Ocean, threatening a spill nearly twice as large as the Exxon Valdez's and an environmental calamity along the Spanish coastline.

2003 - The South African cabinet O.K.s a programme to pass approximately 1.9 billion rand ($287 million) to establish a program to supply antiretroviral drugs to acquired immune deficiency syndrome patients free of charge. The programme will be fully implemented by 2008.

2004 - Sudanese authorities and Rebel functionaries again pledge to stop the 21-year civil warfare in southern Republic Of The Sudan — this clip devising the pledge before the U.N. Security Council.

2005 - Venezuelan President Victor Hugo Carlos Chavez impeaches American Capital of plotting to subvert him and desires to throw out American missionaries he claims have got golf course to the CIA.

2006 - Soviet Union and the United States mark a cardinal trade agreement, removing the last major obstruction in Moscow's 13-year journeying to fall in the World Trade Organization.

Today's Birthdays:

Ferdinand Delaware Lesseps, Gallic detergent builder of Suez Canal (1805-1894); Indira Gandhi, North American Indian premier curate (1917-1984); Melvin Calvin Klein, U.S. clothes interior designer (1942--); Jodie Foster, U.S. actress (1962--);Larry King, U.S. talking show host (1933--); Teddy Boy Turner, U.S. mass media Mogul (1938--); Allison Janney, U.S. actress (1960--). 1 |

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