Monday, November 19, 2007

Show Your Pride Fly A Flag

We dwell in a human race where people have got forgotten their instruction on how to esteem our flag and our country, our flag is the symbol of our pridefulness and award for our country. Our Flag wings proudly to stand for the forfeits of all the work force and women who gave their lives so that we can dwell in a free country. Through the old age people have got got got not only lost their pridefulness for our state and our flag, but they have also forgotten how to properly care for or even how and when to wing our flag.

50 old age ago many people knew how to fly, shop and how to destruct a worn out flag sadly things have changed. This day, few people cognize the proper flag etiquette. Most people trust on Scouts or military to cognize proper flag etiquette, many schools have got stopped instruction proper flag etiquette and vocalizing our national anthem anymore. How many houses with flags on them make you go through in your neighborhood? We should be seeing flags on every store, house and school. Instead I only see one or two flags on my manner to work on peoples houses everyday. Bash you happen it odd that there are only a few flags scattered about?

Some flags are even torn and ripped and there still flying! That is just wrong, what happened to our regard for our flag and country? I am not saying that everyone have forgotten the proper etiquette of flags. What I am saying is that many people have got lost their apprehension about the significance of our flag.

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x767 said...

The flag is not the symbol of this nation.

The fight for liberty, the clear resolve of freedom, and the unwavering support of the impoverished; these are the great hallmarks which define this land, even if they have been forgotten of late.

To "fly a flag" does not demonstrate patriotism. It merely demonstrates that you want people to think that you are patriotic.

Perception seems to be more important than substance, these days.

I understand what you are saying, but healthily disagree.

-Jacob LeMaster