Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Released From Prison - What Next For Genarlow Wilson

Every choice have a consequence! Just inquire Genarlow Wilson. Freed on October 26, 2007 after disbursement more than two old age in Empire State Of The South State prison house for a teen sexual activity conviction, Genarlow became a "lighting rod" for Choices, Change and Consequences on many fronts.

According to CNN, "Wilson was an award student, a football game star and his high school's homecoming male monarch before his conviction. At the clip of Wilson's conviction, Empire State Of The South law made the law-breaking punishable by 10 old age in prison. Changes in the law made such as behavior "punishable by no more than than a twelvemonth in prison house and no sexual activity wrongdoer registration," the Empire State Of The South high tribunal noted. But those alterations were not made retroactive, so they did not use to Wilson."

But, beyond the unfairness of Genarlow's sentence, a bigger inquiry exists: What will Genarlow Harriet Harriet Wilson make to profit others from his experience?

Genarlow stated upon release, "I got a new life."

Certainly, his sentence and captivity have caused a law to be changed in Georgia. One could state that is good. But beyond that, Genarlow is an illustration of a simple, yet profound, principle: Every pick have a consequence.

As a motivational keynote speaker, I do presentations to immature people frequently about Choices and their consequences. The responses I have are sometimes troubling.

The formal portion of the presentation I was making to immature people at a high school had just finished, when I asked the grouping if they had any questions. One miss lifted her manus nervously and then asked, "What did your children believe about their dada going to prison?" That inquiry caused me to pause. The effects of my picks were devastating. My matrimony was destroyed. My calling was over. My assets were gone. Facing prison house - well that was stone bottom. The "somebody" that I was once known as had changed to being the "somebody" that few wanted to know. All that said, the 1 thing that did survive, by the saving grace of God, was the love of my two sons. They were both old adequate to understand what I had done and what was happening. And, I made a committedness that I would state them the whole truth. I may have got made serious mistakes, but I was not a error and had no purpose to go on that process. If any good would come up from this, my boys would understand that every pick have a consequence. I was living proof.

As soon as I finished my answer, out of the dorsum of the room a immature adult male blurted out, "You're not dishonest, if you don't acquire caught!"

I was stunned.

As a motivational talker and laminitis of the Choices Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing the message of picks and effects to immature people, I had just finished a presentation that clearly and unequivocally said there is a consequence. Wobbled, stunned, I'm not really certain what I felt. What I make recollection is the reaction that I saw and heard from the kids. A few looked shocked by this immature man's statement - a expression of incredulity at what they had just heard. Others, although a little number, just giggled. It was as if this small, yet vocal, minority were testing me and the message I had just delivered. One thing was for sure, there was silence that followed as the grouping awaited a response.

The sentiment that this immature grownup male had the courageousness to share is not that uncommon among adult audiences. The lone difference is - they don't state it out loud - they show it through their actions. And, since every pick have a consequence, they will harvest what they sow. It's the law of reciprocality in action - a cosmopolitan law that we all must dwell by - and 1 many think makes not exist.

No one is exempt from the law and the law makes not discriminating based on age. Yet, immature people are often ill-conceived into believing that they can acquire by without getting caught. In fact, recent studies, concerning the ethical mental attitudes of youth, bespeaks that the bulk of immature people would do unethical picks if they felt they could "get ahead" as a result. Success at all costs looks to be a common theme.

As former inmate from Federal Soldier prison, today I share with concern executive directors and immature people that simple message: Every pick have a consequence.

I am pleased beyond belief that Genarlow is now getting the taste sensation of freedom again. Genarlow's plight, have helped other immature people measure the powerfulness of their seemingly simple choices. As the laminitis of the Choices Foundation, perhaps Genarlow would see stepping up and helping others understand the powerfulness of choice.

After all...Every Choice have a Consequence.

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